Peace Research Center Donations

As many of you know, Sami Awad and The Holy Land Trust are working hard to expand our resources and outreach both locally and globally.

We’re transforming an old building in the heart of Bethlehem into a library and resource center. The center will focus on two areas: the history and contemporary community of Bethlehem and the generalstudy of peacemaking, nonviolence and conflict resolution. Books, digital media and specialized research materials will be available on both subjects. This will be the first center of its kind in Palestine. Researchers, international visitors, students and the general public will be able to access historical data on Bethlehem that merges theoretical and historical perspectives. They will also be be able to access materials on peacemaking in a region of conflict, where these materials have a direct, immediate, real world application.

With your help we can turn an empty building into a living, breathing center, available to both the local community and international researchers and guests. We can train local community members in the theory and practice of nonviolence, host a women’s circle, open up the center for film screenings, and create an open space for community dialogue.

We want Bethlehem to be known as a center of peacemaking, rather than a center of conflict and division. We know that you stand with us and that you share our hopes and dreams in this regard.

We are currently raising funds for books and equipment. We have the space! Now, with your help, we just need to bring it to life. You can find more details on the project page (We have two fundraising links-one for those living within Europe that would like to donate, and one for those living in the USA that would like to donate), along with a video from our Executive Director, Mr. Sami Awad:     (for our EU partners)                     

(for our US partners)

We look forward to hearing your input and answering any questions you might have. Your continued support and encouragement mean the world to us.