The Launching of Women Nonlinear Leadership Program

With twenty graduate nonlinear women leaders the Women Nonlinear program was launched in Mount David Hotel in Bethlehem.   The program started with a workshop of four days from 7-10 February 2012.  It was led by Paula Alter who is one of the nonlinear coaches from the UK. 

The women came from different areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem with a great positive energy to start the program.  The Training aimed to formulate and develop a team who will engage women in our communities in being leaders and change agents and to empower them in creating a new future for themselves, their communities and future generations.  The focus of the training was to help the trainers acquire more skills and knowledge into empowering 540 women in their regions through the trainings and enrollment sessions that the twenty women will lead. 

It four days brought cleared vision to the program dynamics and empowered the coaches to move into the following steps to move forward where they are expected to lead two trainings in their governorates where they empower and enroll 540 women into the vision of change. 

They were left with a powerful quote from  Sheri Zuccato  that  said “ leadership is nothing more than doing your own work , sharing your  journey with each other , modeling a new way , walking together down a new path … daring to move within , sharing what you find with others… leadership is nothing more than going within and finding  that part of you that knows what it is you need to do … and trusting  what you find there”


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